Monday, January 21, 2013

Beautiful Brazil

Being in Brazil after traveling through the rather rougher grounds of Bolivia and Peru seems like a treat. What is so great about Brazil?

1. Brazilians are OBSESSED with cleanliness.
This means: They shower 3-5 times a day, men and women alike run into every possible bathrooms to make sure the make-up and hair are still perfect and they polish their cars every day and then again after every rainfall. But it also means: The garbage cans on the streets are being used! You can go to the bathroom without having to hold your breath and you will even find toilet paper. Hotels and hostels are spotlessly clean and even the plates and silverware in restaurants have seen soap. Plus, every beauty product you can think of (or haven't even thought of), you can find it here. There are entire supermarkets dedicated to hair products or facial products or make-up. Love it!

2. Brazilians love coffee.
Even though they drink it with a ton of sugar, they understand my daily need for real and fresh and GOOD coffee. So even if they have to go through the trouble of preparing me an extra cup without sugar, it is never a problem, THEY UNDERSTAND!

3. Brazilians love chocolate.
I am not sure what is wrong with many South American countries but they don't seem to appreciate the drink of the Gods at all. If you find chocolate, you either get a sugar shock or it is so expensive because they import it from the US or UK (???). Finally, in Brazil, I have found a country of chocolate lovers. Only downside: It is so hot that by the time you have opened the wrapper it is already melted.

3. Brazilians are addicted to the newest technology.
Every Brazilian has at least an IPhone, though mostly it comes with an IPad and a laptop. I am not quite sure what they have to type and read every two seconds but I love their tech love because:
- You won't melt in the sunshine because there is air-conditioning (meaning REAL air-conditioning, not just a tiny fan).
- They have hot showers
- There is always wi-fi (meaning: it is fast and it works 24/7 and not only when the hostel owner feels like it or when there are no clouds)
- Believe it or not but Brazilians are used to their working techno world so if something doesn't work, they fix it!!!

Coming from the US or Europe you might get a different first impression, or you might call me a spoiled brat, however, after various toilet-internet-hostel-adventures, Brazil feels like a big, tasty Reese's Peanut Butter Cup!


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