Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to be German

I haven't been living in Germany for about 3 years now and here I thought that living abroad has made sooo different from all the Germans. This morning I stumbled upon this article: http://venturevillage.eu/how-to-be-german-part-1 and was in shock: I am as German as potato salad!
 I LOVE my house shoes (for me, I love to get the bunnies and tigers because they feel so fluffy and look cute), breakfast is the most important meal (if I can have a real German one - with M├╝sli and Vollkornbr├Âtchen ;-) ), I don't like fizzy drinks but I LOVE Apfelschorle. It seems there is only one Germanism I could conquer: I do not obey the little red man. As a matter of fact, I never have. Needless to say that this has gotten me a lot of nasty looks from older ladies, angry comments from parents and even at 3 AM with no cars for miles on the road, a police man felt the need to come over and tell me that what I was doing was not right.
Two days ago somebody asked me if I considered myself German, after reading this I can say that the answer is without the shadow of a doubt: yes!

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