Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New York, New York - Part I

New York City is often called "the city that never sleeps". Well, I don't know about the city, but after coming back from a short trip from NYC, I can definitely say that it is the city where I never sleep. This was not my first trip into the Big Apple but each time the hustling and bustling has the same effect on me: it chews me up, throws me into its digestive system, spits acid on me and when there is nothing left to process, it spits me back out. I am constantly doING something: walking, looking, sightseeing, eating, drinking, going out, meeting up, it seems impossible to just sit and relax. And after the city is done with me, I always feel like I need at least one week to recover from it. 

When I came back after only 3 short days in NYC and tried to remember what I had done and seen there, it all seemed like a big blur and I seriously had to sit down and revise my pictures to remember what I had been up to. (By the way, I was shocked when I saw how few pictures I took, as I either forgot the camera or was so busy with taking in everything around me that I simply forgot to take pictures!). So this is my last New York City experience, according to my pictures:

New York City - Day 1: Manhattan

After riding all night on a Chinatown bus (faaar better than their reputation, if you overlook the Chinese driver who yelled at us in Chinese), we arrived early in the morning in NYC - ready to take over Manhattan!

The mighty steps of the stock exchange on Wall Street

Wherever there is a fountain and some trees in Manhattan, you can find a Jazz combo

Not sure how it happened, but I ended up in the middle of a street dance shows

Would you trust these guys? Well, I had to as they were about to jump over us (see video).

People, cabs, bikes, tandems and even father-son tandems - the city sure knows how to keep its people moving

Little Italy and ...

... its San Gennaro food festival - ñam ñam

So while you finally break down in Washington Square park, thinking you found a quiet spot...

you find yourself having front row seats to another (typical??) NYC spectacle: 


 What you can't see in these pictures, is that after walking around Manhattan for about 8 hours, we ended up going our for dinner in a Bavarian-style restaurant (where the sausages had very little to do with German "Würstchen" but since they were delicious anyway AND you could top them with about 20 different types of mustard - who cares??!!), and just when I thought that after one night on a Chinatown bus, one day in Manhattan, and one evening in Brooklyn, the day had been full enough, there was still this ooone bar that we had to hit up ... oh BOY - what a start! And this was just the first day ...

To be continued

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