Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple Wonderland

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in Romania and just LOVED apples. She loved apple cider, she loved apple pie, but more than anything she loved to pick apples off the trees (preferably the neighbor's tree) and eat them until her stomach hurt. Her parents told her many, many times that it wasn't nice to steal the neighbor's apples and also that she shouldn't eat all the apples at once. But the little girl was very stubborn and didn't listen to her parents. She kept eating way too many apples from the neighbor's beautiful apple tree. Even when she grew older, the fall was one of her favorite seasons, because she could just pick apples and eat as many as she wanted. Her friends were very suspicious of her appletite, and laughed at her for eating so many apples all the time. "One day, you'll have an apple tree growing out of your belly," they said. The little girl, who was not so little any more, felt very sad and alone because nobody seemed to understand how delicious apples were that you just picked from a tree. Until one day, about 25 years later, in the city of Detroit, she discovered that she was not the only person in this world who loved apples. She went to an apple orchard, where literally EVERYBODY loved apples.

The girl had never seen anything like it before: Row after row after row after row of apple trees. All bursting with apples, ready to be picked.

And the best part: nobody would get angry at her for picking these apples or eating them. They even drove everybody around in a tractor so they could pick the apples!

The girl had found her magic apple wonderland. She picked as many apples as she could carry, and ate even more. She only stopped when her stomach hurt - just like she used to do when she was little. And the best part, at the very end, she even got to eat apple donuts!

It was probably the happiest apple day in the girl's life!


  1. This place looks so much like my granny's garden in Poland. I remember picking up some apples and pears during the summer. We had an amazing time. I have never made it to Romania, but feel like there is something special about this country. Thanks for bringing back great memories :)!!

  2. Actually, my grandmother put all of us cousins to work: We had to pick apples, pears, plums - EVERYTHING. Needless to say that we probably ate more than we picked! (Maybe it's an Eastern European thing?)
    Sweet childhood memories :-)

    P.S. Yes, Romania is definitely special, somehow it gives me a feeling that time stopped there in certain places. If you get the chance, you should definitely visit.