Saturday, October 12, 2013

Strictly for Men: A Word (or two) on Male Style

This one goes out to the guys, mainly to the Americans that I have seen in the past months, but possibly to a lot more American-like wannabe fashionistas throughout the world. I might have been out of touch for a while, but I think (I hope??) I still have some taste when it comes to clothes. And boys, I am not sure WHAT happened in the US recently, but I think you need a style intervention.
First and most distasteful: What's up with the saggy pants?

When did walking around like you're afraid you won't make it to the restroom in time and, just in case, already starting to let down your pants become fashionable??? Do you really think girls want to see your boxers ALL THE TIME? Not really! And personally, more than anything, I just have this really strong urge to pull the pants up! Oh yeah, and since we're already at it, I got a few questions for the saggers out there: Why do you need to wear saggy pants with a belt? And WHY do you pull the pants up occasionally? You either got saggy pants or you simply don't!
Second and most disturbing: The hipsters. More specifically, the nerdy hipster.

Jaleel White alias Steve Urkel in Family Matters

I remember a time when Steve Urkel's clothing choices used to be a no-go. Now, with his giant glasses and rolled up, way too short pants showing white socks, he'd be the hippest hipster in town. If you start typing "roll up" into Google, the first thing that comes up is "roll up pants" - I can't believe this has become an official denomination in the fashion world! I guess I could live with that ... somehow ... as styles and fashion change so fast and, as Heidi Klum loves to say, "In fashion, one day you´re in and the next day you're out." But it doesn't stop at that! The next hideous item that became stylish is the skinny jeans - for men! For me, the only man who could pull off tight jeans while still looking manly and sexy was James Dean (and mayyyyybe John Travolta in Grease). And there's more! So we got the rolled up, skinny jeans worn with slip on shoes. Loafers? Really? You gotta be kidding me! What's wrong with sneakers? And to really really get to me, the hipsters combine their rolled up skinny jeans and slip on loafers with p-l-a-i-d shirts. Okay, sorry guys, but there is exactly ONE type of man who I like wearing a plaid shirt: the Marlboro type cowboy ... all right, and I guess Hugh Jackman. If you don't fit into one of these two categories, you most likely look hideous in your plaid shirt.
Remember, just because something is "in" doesn't necessarily mean that you a) should wear it or b) can wear it and look good. Kate Moss rocked the Ugg Boots, but they really don't make every woman's legs look sexy! So I'd really really really REALLY appreciate it if you looked deep down into your closets (or heap of clothes on the floor), and sorted one or two (or three or four or five) things out. .
You disagree? You think I am complaining like an old fart that has no idea whatsoever about fashion? Well, there are exactly two possibilities: either I am wrong or you are!

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