Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Canadian Cuisine

Admittedly, Canada might not be famous for its culinary delights but there are definitely some dishes that you should try!

1. Poutine

Known as a typical dish from Quebec, you can actually also find it in other parts of Canada. I tried my first poutine in Kingston (yes, Kingston and YES, it did have cheese curds but the best poutine you can find, hands down, is definitely in Quebec). The combination of fries, gravy and cheese curds might not sound like something people would ever eat but it's surprisingly tasty - especially at 3 am after a night out. My favorite: Italian style poutine with tomato sauce.

2. Beer

Canadians not only love beer, they also like to brew beer. For beer lovers this means that you can choose from a sheer endless variety of local Canadian beers. My favorite: Mill Street Cobblestone Stout from Toronto.

3. Beaver Tails

For vegetarians: This is a meat-free pastry! And a delicious one, I might add. It is a typical desert from Ottawa and is basically a piece of fried dough (in the shape of a beaver tail), classically topped with sugar and cinnamon. My favorite beaver tail: chocolate hazelnut.

4. RISE Kombucha

Even if I risk repeating myself, this low-sugar, tea-based soda is actually the first soda I ever liked on this continent. My favorite flavor: all of them!

5. Maple Leaf Cream Cookies

This is probably as Canadian as it gets: a cookie in maple leaf form filled with a maple sugar cream filling. Way too sweet but also way too good to resist!

Bon Appetit!


  1. Hi Marinela!
    I googled poutine recipes... so far so good. But WHAT um alles in der Welt is "cheese curd"? Frischkäse?

  2. Hi Lena!
    You googled it? Awesome! Bringing poutine to Germany. So cheese curds are ... na sowas wie Käsewürfel, gibt's in Kanada fertig zu kaufen. Ich bin nicht ganz sicher aus was für einem Käse die sind, würde aber entweder Emmentaler oder Leerdamer nehmen und dann einfach in Würfel schneiden :-)
    Hope that helps!