Monday, August 5, 2013

Toronto vs. Montreal: Which Canadian City is Cooler?

Of the cities that I have seen in Canada, these would be my top two. While Toronto has a more modern, hip, trendy, cool and ultra clean vibe, Montreal is a little dirtier, more chaotic, more punk, and maybe a little wilder and it has the bilingual factor (which I love). So which one did I like best? BOTH!

                                                   Best Food: Japanese vs. Poutine


                             Coolest Graffiti: Kensington Market vs. Sainte Catherine


                              Nicest River View: Canal Lachine vs. Port of Toronto


                                                   Chinatown vs. Chinatown


                               Most Impressive Building: Notre Dame vs. Art College


                          Most amazing view of the city: River View vs. Mont Royal view


                                Craziest Piece of Art: Kombucha Man vs. Elephant Man


                                        Most Colorful Tongue: Raspberry vs. Slush Puppy


Which one's your favorite?

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