Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Trouble in the Hood

Have you ever had problems with your neighbors? If you are alive and breathing and don't have a one-acre-yard between you and your neighbors, I assume you have. Well, meet my problem neighbor:
He is a happy bachelor, in his late 40s (I am assuming), still living with his parents. Since this is the US and not Latin America, this is not really acceptable. But hey, I am a tolerant person and will not judge him just because all he does is sit at home all day and yell at his parents. Actually, every time I see him, we have a friendly little chat, and in general he seems to be a very nice guy. Until he decides to put his club-size speakers on the window sill, with the window wide open, the speakers pointing directly at our room. And the real problem is not even the volume (hey, all the power to listening to music full blast), the REAL problem is his choice of music! Today's (and pretty much every day's) selection include:

- Kid Rock - "All Summer Long" (Maybe okahaay if you play it once, but not if you play it 7 times ... and yes, I counted!)

- Texas - "I don't want a lover" (Torture! Especially if followed by the entire album in which every song sounds exactly the same ... it actually took me a while to realize that it was an album, and not just one song on "repeat".)

- Adele - "Chasing Pavements" (I don't even mind Adele, but, again: one time is enough, you don't need to be chasing pavements 6 times in a row!)

- George Michael (And we are talking 80s really cheesy George Michael - is there even another George Michael??? - do I need to say more?!)

And this is about as diverse as it gets, for now 4 hours straight!!!!! I have contemplated throwing a big rock at his speakers as well as manipulating his electric circuit but neither my aiming nor my technical skills are good enough so I had to abandon both plans.

I know that you wonder: "Why not do the obvious, and go over and ask him to turn down his music?" Well, I am afraid of the consequences should he turn down his music. The last time I asked my neighbors (a young, and very much in love couple) to turn down their TV which they had turned on at the strangest hours, I realized that the sounds that were covered up by the TV were ... well, let's just say, I would have preferred the TV instead. So for now, George Michael, Kid Rock and ear plugs it is!

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